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Transparency: We will adopt transparent working practices; you ask the questions and we will provide you with honest and clear answers..... more

Accountability: We will endeavour to take full responsibility for all our operations, transactions, communications, achievements or setbacks.....more

Empowerment: We will encourage productive achievement to unleash the highest potential of all members of the team.

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In The UK
Our Head office in the UK based in London
Crown House
Help The Needy Offices
we have offices in Baghdad, Mosul, Baquba, Falluja and Ramadi. Due to the very unstable security situation in Iraq, with sectarian violence and assassinations, maintaining permanent bases is very dangerous as they become easy targets.

Help the Needy Charitable Trust
303-501 Crown House
North Circular Road
London NW10 7PN
Charity Regsitration No. 1059951

T: 020 8838 0000
F: 020 8838 0033
E: info@HelpTheNeedy.org.uk


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