Nadia Qadir

Nadia is a Six year old primary school student from Baba Island, Bhitt Shah, in Sindh. Her father is a fisherman and earns less than £60 a month, every year he is unable to work for three months due to adverse weather conditions in the region. As a result, he struggles to feed his family. Nadia has four siblings, but due to their limited family income, none of the children are able to attend school. She said "We suffer from poverty and my father cannot afford to send us to school, but I had hoped that one day things will change and I will be able to go to school like other children. I feel Lucy that HTN choose a school near my home to distribute kits, I received a uniform, note books, stationary and bags, which will enable me to get an education, to acheive my dreams of becoming a school teacher and to educate the children from my island."