Due to the facts presented below and for the purpose of raising awareness about the humanitarian status quo in Iraq eight years on from the 2003 war and to invite people to support vulnerable children and families in Iraq; Help The Needy held a two day exhibition





on 29th and 30th of April 2010 at the Islamic Cultural Centre, the London Central Mosque.


According to UN various agencies, nearly half of Iraq’s population is less than 19 years old. Iraq’s youth is facing many challenges and many youth exhibit symptoms of acute stress. 24% of those aged, 10 - 30 suffer from nervousness, 17% have permanent headaches and 32% cry easily.


Iraq is not keeping its youth in school; attendance rates begin a steep decline after primary school. Girls’ attendance in schools falls five to ten percent below that of boys, slightly more than 300,000 Iraqi youth aged 10-18 have never attended school.


16% of women in Iraq are underrepresented in the higher levels of the public sector and government. Just 18% of women are employed or looking for employment, and they take up only 7% of employment in non-agricultural sectors. Violence, traditional societal views of women, insecurity and weak performance of state functions is affecting the role of Iraqi women in rebuilding the country.

Booking for this event has now closed.