Help the needy charitable Trust lead an eye cataract surgery to assist 500 people diagnosed with treatable vision which was funded by our donors’ RAF generous support.

In addition, HTN also supported visually impaired people by carrying out 500 free eye cataract sugeries in flood affected areas of Sindh and Punjab. The surgery had a positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries, improving their sight, enabling them to be able to work and feed their families.

The eyesight of 1.2 million out of the 1.4 million totaly blind people in Pakistan can be restored through medical intervention. 90%of the total blind people in Pakistan;live in Punjab province; 70% of which are vulnerable and poor women and widows. 10% of the totally blind people suffer from Eye Cataract which can be cured with a simple surgical intervention. Help the Needy intends to run eye cataract surgery camps in several cities in Pakistan.

Following the flood in Pakistan in 2010, many people became victims of water borne dieses because of corpses and still dirty water. Help the Needy setup number of medical camps in different areas of Pakistan and provided medical assistance to flood victims.  In addition, in the partnership with other international NGOs we distributed 5 million water purification tablets, over 3 million dollar of antibiotics and medications.