Vocational Training Center -Bangladesh

The Center will provide skills training on information communication technology (ICT), electronics, automobiles and textiles and will have an annual capacity to train 480 underprivileged and unemployed young adults; 

Help the Needy Charitable Trust aims to support attendees to seek employment in the job market upon completion of their training.

some of the criteria for access to training includes:young people who have dropped out of formal education, unemployed between the age of 18 and 30. A minimum qualification for ICT training is an SSC, with a grade eight for all other trades.

-ICT training creates 80 employment opportunities in a year 

-Electronics training creates employment opportunities for 80 vulnerable young people in a year

-Automobile training creates job opportunities for 80 unemployed young people in a year 

-Textile training creates 160 skilled workers in a year