Voluntary work is the participation of individuals in the work of care and social development in order to meet the needs of society, the volunteer person faith in a particular cause And is able to understand and deal with the people of his community to contribute to the provision of their needs and require.

How you can help

  • Volunteer at events: help at one of our numerous fundraising events happening around the country.
  • Organise your own fundraising activities: this could be anything from a car boot sale to a charity dinner Mosque, school, university collections: help raise the vital funds needed to save lives from your local institutions
  • Promote Help the Needy Charitable Trust  on social networking sites – get active and promote Human Appeal on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube.
  • If you would like to volunteer for us, get in touch

Goals of volunteer work

Voluntary work is beneficial to the individual and to society as a whole.

The development of society and the work to raise and promote continuously, through these actions are developed in the community services and is maintained, as it stems from the individual's inner desire and sense of noble work comes out in the best picture.

Helping those who are unable to access the services. Some individuals lack the possibility to obtain some services, but through voluntary work, the volunteers provide them for free and with great pleasure.
Feeling happy and getting rid of depression, many psychiatrists describe volunteering as a form of therapy to get out of depression and stress.

Establishing new relationships and building different friendships helps to get to know more about people and connect with them, which strengthens relationships and is an excellent opportunity for those who have difficulties communicating with others.

To crystallize the personality of young people and individuals in the society by touching on the needs of their society and identifying the issues that concern them closely, thus increasing their belonging to the homeland and increasing their ability to participate actively and officially in political and social affairs.

Provide creative young people with the opportunity to implement their ideas and apply them on the ground and express their views, and develop their abilities and skills in solving problems and finding effective solutions.
Investing leisure time with young people in useful and useful things instead of unloading them in destinations that are not good.

Satisfying the desire of young people to succeed and increase their self-confidence and their ability to achieve.